Snowdrop and Rose Red Cowls

Project Details

Each Cowl requires 1 skein of Hand Maiden’s Swiss Mountain Cashmere & Silk.

Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk: 65% Cashmere, 35% Silk; 180m/50g; 3-ply

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The tale of Snowdrop and Rose Red differs from the better-known Snow White story. Sisters Snowdrop and Rose Red care for a half-frozen talking bear and later help an ungrateful dwarf. Upon meeting the bear and fearing for his own life, the dwarf desperately encourages the bear to eat the girls and spare him. The bear is released from the dwarf’s curse and transformed into a wealthy prince. This sweet cowl uses an embossed lace pattern with contrasting beads decorating the lower edge, perfect for protection on a walk in the woods.

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