Early Winter Sale!

Smitten, in Amber

Now that we’re past the holidays and all of their delights, it’s time for some serious knitting — and that means it’s time for a sale! In observation of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, we’ll be closed on Monday. But don’t fret: we’ve dropped our Clearance Corner prices to 40% off until midnight Monday, and all of our other yarns will be 10% off with coupon code DREAM (remember to hit ‘recalculate’)! If you’ve had your eye on some discontinued yarn, now’s your golden opportunity to grab it! Please note that all Clearance Corner sales are final. The fun starts here!

Office Closed for the Day

Hi there fiber friends! Due to unexpected illness making its way through our office, we will be closed for the remainder of the day. All orders made since yesterday have been sent out, and we’ll be in bright and early tomorrow morning to answer any questions or customer correspondence! We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope everyone is having a great New Year!

12 Days of Christmas Day 12: Hand Maiden Rumple

Today is our last day, and we’ve saved something fun for you! Today’s yarn is Hand Maiden Rumple, a 100% silk boucle heavy fingering/sport weight. The silk takes dye like a dream, lending eye-catching color to Hand Maiden’s unique variegated colorways. It pairs well with a simple stitch pattern, letting the boucle texture carry the show. It’s as much a pleasure to knit (or crochet, or weave!) as it is to wear, and a single skein will be plenty for a scarf or small shawl. One of the most popular designs for Rumple is the Bias Shawl by Hand Maiden. The two-row pattern repeat is easy to memorize and the results are striking.

For an interesting shape, try the Simple Shawlette by Petra Breakstone. It uses garter stitch and yarnovers to create the body, while the Rumple offers a playful texture and vibrant, saturated color. The circular shape hugs the shoulders to sit on snugly, and can move from day to night.

To get 25% off all *in stock* colorways of Hand Maiden Rumple, use code RUMPLE12 all day Sunday, Christmas Eve! The code does not apply to colorways in the Clearance Corner, though you can use code GIFT for an additional 10% off the discounted price. We’ve had a great time sharing these 12 Days of Christmas with you, and hope you all found something you love!

12 Days of Christmas Day 11: Hand Maiden Lace Silk

We’re down to our last two days; the time has flown by! Our yarn for today’s feature is Hand Maiden Lace Silk, a 100% silk lace weight yarn with drape and shine to last for ages. Each skein has 900m of pure decadence, and takes color to heights of saturation. If you’ve had your eye on a special lace shawl, just looking for the perfect yarn to match, this is a fabulous choice. For instance, more than two dozen knitters have used it with the popular Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman.

If crocheting is your thing, then the Archangel shawl by Katya Novikova is a gorgeous choice. This stunning shawl features top-down construction for a traditional triangular shape, and makes beautiful use of arches, shells, and picots, oh my!

Enjoy 25% off all *in stock* colorways of Hand Maiden Lace Silk with code DAY11SILK at checkout; click ‘recalculate’ to apply the code. The code does not apply to colorways in the Clearance Corner, though the code ‘GIFT’ will give you an extra 10% off the clearance price. And we’ll see you tomorrow for the last of our 12 Days of Christmas yarn sale!

12 Days of Christmas Day 10: Hand Maiden Cashmere 4 Ply

The luxury continues with Day 10, as we feature Hand Maiden Cashmere 4 Ply! This 100% cashmere yarn is just as soft, warm, and light as you could want. It’s begs to be worn as close as possible, as often as possible. Just petting it in the skein is a delight to the senses. To keep things as simple as possible and let the yarn do the talking, try Devin’s Toque by Hand Maiden. It uses an easy 2×2 ribbing to maximize every yard of the 50g skein, and is suitable for man, woman, or child.

For something a bit more challenging, we love the Thermis Cowl by Kris Knits. The subtle tailored look of the buttoned half-opening lets the knitter choose a pair of buttons to either dress up or dress down the piece. With two sizes available, this cowl could also be used for either a man or woman.

Use code 25CASH4 to get 25% off all *in stock* colorways of Hand Maiden Cashmere 4 Ply all day Friday, December 21. The code does not apply to colorways in the Clearance Corner, but you can get an additional 10% off of the clearance price by using code ‘GIFT’. Join us here tomorrow for another fantastic yarn!

12 Days of Christmas Day 9: Hand Maiden Cashmere and Silk

A yarn to truly celebrate! Today’s feature is so exquisite, we are starting the sale a bit early. Hand Maiden’s Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk is as luxurious as you can get when it comes to yarn. It’s as soft as can be, with shine and drape to make you swoon. Great things come in small packages, and at 50g per skein, this yarn is no exception; fear not, though, because a single skein is plenty for an elegant and indulgent accessory. The Tiara Tam by Brittany Wilson is a perfect example. It’s adorable shape takes advantage of the drape while bringing the softness close to your skin.

Bring the tactile delight even closer for a snuggle with the Snowdrop and Rose Red Cowl by Andrea Jurgrau. A single skein in your favorite color will become a winter companion; add a few of your favorite beads to the bottom edge for extra flare.

You can save 25% on all *in stock* colorways of Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk with code 9CASHSILK all day Thursday, December 21. The code does not apply to colorways in the Clearance Corner, though you can get 10% off of the discounted price by using code ‘GIFT’. Be sure you click ‘recalculate’ before completing checkout. Come back tomorrow to see what’s next!

12 Days of Christmas Day 8: Hand Maiden Marrakesh

Welcome to Day 8 of our yarn sale! Today’s special yarn is Hand Maiden Marrakesh, a sibling to yesterday’s Camelspin; the same fantastic blend of silk and camel, in a lace weight. With warmth, softness, drape, and shine, this yarn is everything you’d want in an heirloom shawl. The Samarkand Nightmarket Shawl by Simone Kereit is absolutely gorgeous, and uses a single skein.

And of course, we’d be remiss to not mention Boo Knits and her numerous, deliciously intricate and romantic shawls. One of our favorites is the Snow Angel shawl, a beaded wonder! The vertical lace panels remind us of the strong lines and curving embellishments of Moroccan architecture. One skein and many beads (or not, they’re optional) will achieve this beauty.

To save 25% on all *in stock* colorways of Marrakesh, use code MARRA25 in the shopping cart, then click ‘recalculate’. The code does not apply to the Clearance Corner, though you can still save an additional 10% off the sale price by using code ‘GIFT’ on the clearance colorways; again, don’t forget to click ‘recalculate’. Check back tomorrow to see where the next yarn takes us!

12 Days of Christmas Day 7: Hand Maiden Camelspin

We’ve been showcasing delightfully unique yarns during our 12 Day celebration, and today is no different. Day 7 brings us Hand Maiden Camelspin, a stunning 70/30 silk and camel blend. This fingering weight starts with warmth of color in its natural state, thanks to the camel, and gives each colorway a glow from within. We’re in love with Textural Healing by Shannon Squire; a single skein will be enough for the small size, and two skeins will be more than enough for the large size. Just take a gander at that edging!

And for you crocheters out there, we haven’t forgotten about you; we promise! Check out the Autumn Jewel Shawlette by Kathryn A. Clark. It is simply amazing. You’ll need two skeins to complete the project. Once again, look at that edging! We just can’t get enough of it.

To enjoy 25% off of *in stock* Camelspin use code 7CAMEL at checkout; don’t forget to click ‘recalculate’. Sale does not apply to colorways in the Clearance Corner; however, you can use code “GIFT” for an additional 10% off of the clearance price on those discontinued colorways. More lovelies to come tomorrow, so check back then!

12 Days of Christmas Day 6: Fleece Artist Zambezi

It’s amazing how fast the holiday season flies by; we can’t believe we’re already at Day 6! Today’s featured yarn is Fleece Artist Zambezi, an amazingly lightweight kid mohair and silk blend. The halo is as soft as a cloud, and versatile enough to knit in gauges from lace to DK. The generous yardage per skein means a little goes a long way. A single skein will be enough for most any shawl; we would love to see it done up in the Wing-‘o-the-Moth shawl by Anne Hanson.

Or, hold it double to create Gambol by Brittany Wilson. It will knit up a bit faster while still being light as a feather! Gambol is knit side to side with an adorable peaked border.

Use code 25DAY6 for 25% off Fleece Artist Zambezi all day long, Monday December 18! Remember to click ‘recalculate’ before you complete your check-out. And we’ll see you tomorrow for another great yarn.

12 Days of Christmas Day 5: Hand Maiden Mulberry Tussah

We’re hope you’ll all as excited about today’s yarn as we are! Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Mulberry Tussah is spun using two types of silk – Mulberry and Tussah. They are slightly different colors, which allows them to take dye and reflect light differently. When plied together, they create an interesting interplay of color and shine. This worsted weight silk knits up fast, and one skein will be enough for a simple cowl or scarf, like the Vitis Scarf by Twitchy Hands (our own Keri Cribbs).

For pattern inspiration that’s as unique as the yarn itself, look no further than Brittany Wilson’s Speakeasy shawlette. The innovative construction produces an intriguing shape that curves seductively around the shoulders. Once again, a single skein is all it takes to wrap yourself in luxury.

With coupon code HMMULTUS, you can get 25% off all *in stock* colorways of this exquisite yarn. The code will work all day Sunday, December 17 until midnight PST. Don’t forget to click recalculate and check back here tomorrow for more delightful yarn!