Clearance Prices Lowered!

Camelspin, Tundra

We’ve dropped the prices in our Clearance Corner! From now until the end of our Spring Cleaning Craft-a-Long (April 30), everything in the Clearance Corner is at least 20% off. Of course, you can pile on even more savings by using the coupon code SPRING on the Craft-a-Long yarns. Shop early to snag your favorites — it all starts here!

Hand Maiden Marrakesh – April 13, 2017


Luminous laceweight yarn made of silk and baby camel — we can’t think of anything better for making an heirloom shawl, scarf, or cowl. The camel fiber brings a unique tone to Hand Maiden’s sumptuous colors, and the silk brings a gentle sheen. Who could ask for more? Check it out here!

Hand Maiden Maiden Hair – April 12, 2017


Luxury yarn doesn’t get much more luxurious than Maiden Hair, a gently glowing blend of silk and kid mohair that is a pleasure to work with and to wear. We have three fresh colorways to dazzle your senses — check them out here!

Hand Maiden SMS Mulberry Tussah – April 11, 2017


Soft, comfortable, and gorgeous — that’s how we’d describe SMS Mulberry Tussah. It starts out soft, and gets even softer as you knit it. It’s a wonderful yarn for scarves, shawls, and just about any other project that calls for drape-ability. And just look at the colors! We have 10 restocked colorways — check them out here!

Clearance Prices are Dropping!

Lady Godiva, Peach Blossom

To start the weekend off right, we’ve lowered all of the prices in our Clearance Corner! Everything is at least 15% off — and don’t forget, you can pile on the savings by using the coupon code SPRING (remember to hit “recalculate”). There are some real knockouts in there — and at these prices, they won’t last. Check them out here!

Hand Maiden Casbah – March 28, 2017

Lily Pond

There’s nothing to brighten a day quite like opening a huge box of Casbah. Our hands-down favorite sock yarn is soft, cushy, and gorgeous. It’s also 10% off through April 30 during our Spring Cleaning Craft-a-Long, with the coupon code SPRING (remember to hit “recalculate”). Of course, you can also pile on the savings in our Clearance Corner! Join us on Ravelry for lots of fun chat, and post a photo of your project for a chance to win a prize! The fun starts here!

Spring Cleaning Craft-a-Long!

When is the last time you cleaned our your stash? How about your Ravelry queue? Or that bin of partially finished projects you’ve hidden away to work on “someday”? Well, “someday” has arrived — it’s time for Spring Cleaning! Our new Craft-a-Long is all about clearing the decks!

Of course, cleaning out your stash makes room for more yarn, and we’ve picked out a great list of spring yarns to add to your stash (but all yarns are always welcome in our Craft-a-Longs)! They’re all 10% off from now until Spring Cleaning ends on April 30 with the coupon code SPRING. Use the coupon code in our Clearance Corner for extra savings on the selected yarns! It gets even better — join us on Ravelry for fun conversation (and lots of eye candy), and post a picture of your project for a chance to win a prize! Cast-on date for Spring Cleaning is as soon as you’re ready!

Here’s the list!

Fleece Artist:
BFL 2/8
BFL Socks
Merino 2/6
Trail Socks
Tree Wool

Hand Maiden:
Lady Godiva
Mini Maiden
Quick Knit Headband Hat Kit
Silk Maiden
Swiss Silk

Fleece Artist Slubby Mix – Feb. 24, 2017


Spring may be coming, but around our way, it’s still cold enough to think about warm, cushy winterwear — it even snowed this morning! Fortunately, we have a new batch of Slubby Mix to snuggle. It’s soft, warm, and bulky enough to work up super fast; you could make a hat in a day! We have five restocked colorways. Check them out here!

Hand Maiden Lady Godiva – Feb. 22, 2017


As winter nears its end, we start to transition from wool to cooler fibers like silk. Lady Godiva is the perfect multi-season yarn, with its 50-50 mix of silk and Merino wool. It’s soft, with just a hint of fancy shine. We have a bright batch of restocked colorways for you to enjoy! Get started here!