Welcome the Kolláge Needle Shop! – 8/30/12

Kollage Needle Shop

We have just opened a new online shop, www.kollageneedleshop.com, featuring Kolláge Square® Needles!

To say that we are happy to be able to offer Kolláge Square® Needles doesn’t begin to convey our excitement about what are the first really new, truly outstanding design in knitting needles to come along in years and years.

Those of you who already know us from Colorsong and www.addineedleshop.com know that our most dearly held goal is to bring you fibers and tools that are unsurpassed in quality.  Now, we have found a 2nd line of knitting needles that not only meets our standards, but are so well conceived and so expertly engineered that they surpass our every expectation!

Kolláge Square® Needles have been completely redesigned and are now manufactured in the United States using premium materials, state of the art machinery, and decades of engineering experience.  The result is knitting needles that are precision instruments, perfectly balanced, practically indestructible, and offering a stability and ease of use that no other needle can claim.

We believe you’ll love them as much as we do.  And please know that more lengths and sizes of both circulars and DPNs are already in progress and will be here soon.  Crochet hooks and straight needles will be coming along also.  The excitement is just beginning!