Hand Maiden Rumple – 6/12/13

Hand Maiden Rumple

Frozen Ocean

There’s been lots of talk on our Ravelry group about bouclé lately: spinning it, knitting it, wearing it.  To add to the fun, we’ve just uploaded 8 colorways of Rumple (6 are new!), Hand Maiden’s 100% silk microbouclé.  If you’ve never knit a bouclé before, Rumple is an excellent starting point: the tiny little loops won’t get caught by your needles.  If you’re a master bouclé knitter, then you’ll want Rumple because it’s texture is so delightful and it looks so wonderful once knit.  Not to mention that you can combine it with other yarns for an instant upgrade in eye- and hand-appeal.  Find what you love about bouclé, here.