Spring Into Summer Craft-a-Long!

Spring Into Summer!

Summer’s almost here! It’s time for lighter yarns and lighter projects — perfect to wear (or work on) at the lake, the beach, or just on your back porch. We’ve picked out a great list of warm weather yarns (but all yarns are always welcome in our Craft-a-Longs)! They’re all 10% off from now until Spring into Summer ends on June 30 with the coupon code SUMMER. Use the coupon code in our Clearance Corner for extra savings on the selected yarns! It gets even better — join us on Ravelry for fun conversation (and lots of eye candy), and post a picture of your project for a chance to win a prize! Cast-on date for Spring into Summer is as soon as you’re ready!

Here’s the list!

Fleece Artist:
BFL 2/8
Chinook (coming soon!)
Merino 2/6
Saldanha Two
Tree Wool
Woolie Silk

Hand Maiden:
Casbah Silk
Cashmere 4-Ply
Double Sea
Lace Silk
SMS Mulberry Tussah