12 Days of Christmas Day 5: Hand Maiden Mulberry Tussah

We’re hope you’ll all as excited about today’s yarn as we are! Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Mulberry Tussah is spun using two types of silk – Mulberry and Tussah. They are slightly different colors, which allows them to take dye and reflect light differently. When plied together, they create an interesting interplay of color and shine. This worsted weight silk knits up fast, and one skein will be enough for a simple cowl or scarf, like the Vitis Scarf by Twitchy Hands (our own Keri Cribbs).

For pattern inspiration that’s as unique as the yarn itself, look no further than Brittany Wilson’s Speakeasy shawlette. The innovative construction produces an intriguing shape that curves seductively around the shoulders. Once again, a single skein is all it takes to wrap yourself in luxury.

With coupon code HMMULTUS, you can get 25% off all *in stock* colorways of this exquisite yarn. The code will work all day Sunday, December 17 until midnight PST. Don’t forget to click recalculate and check back here tomorrow for more delightful yarn!