12 Days of Christmas Day 7: Hand Maiden Camelspin

We’ve been showcasing delightfully unique yarns during our 12 Day celebration, and today is no different. Day 7 brings us Hand Maiden Camelspin, a stunning 70/30 silk and camel blend. This fingering weight starts with warmth of color in its natural state, thanks to the camel, and gives each colorway a glow from within. We’re in love with Textural Healing by Shannon Squire; a single skein will be enough for the small size, and two skeins will be more than enough for the large size. Just take a gander at that edging!

And for you crocheters out there, we haven’t forgotten about you; we promise! Check out the Autumn Jewel Shawlette by Kathryn A. Clark. It is simply amazing. You’ll need two skeins to complete the project. Once again, look at that edging! We just can’t get enough of it.

To enjoy 25% off of *in stock* Camelspin use code 7CAMEL at checkout; don’t forget to click ‘recalculate’. Sale does not apply to colorways in the Clearance Corner; however, you can use code “GIFT” for an additional 10% off of the clearance price on those discontinued colorways. More lovelies to come tomorrow, so check back then!