COVID-19 Check-in – March 17, 2020

COVID-19 Check In! Everyone doing ok?

I wanted to check in and let you all know how we here at Colorsong Yarn/addi Needle Shop are handling operations in this developing outbreak. We take the potential threat very seriously, and are doing everything we can to keep our community, locally and at large, as safe as possible.

Our top priority is limiting our exposure to any other people. My family and I started self-isolating early, and have become very strict about limiting contact with others to what is absolutely necessary. I’ve given my right-hand woman, Amber, paid leave for the foreseeable future, and our social media maven, Brittany, already works remotely. Thus, I’m the only person in the office interacting with orders. Plus, we’ve arranged for all incoming/outgoing packages to be picked up/dropped off on our porch to limit contact even further.

We have an amazing one-woman cleaning crew who comes in after hours on a regular basis, and we’ve increased her visits this month, as well as our disinfecting regimen. And let me tell you, our hand-washing routine is robust!

We will continue to meet/exceed all local, state, and federal guidelines for self-isolation. We plan to continue business as usual as long as our distribution systems are functioning. So if you need any yarn or tools to keep you busy, we’re happy to help!

For myself, I’m working on this Nurtured Sweater by Andrea Mowry in Front Country by Fleece Artist; I’m on the second sleeve using the addi FlexiFlips XL. I’m hoping I get it done in time to wear it at least once before the weather is too warm. What are you working on?

As always, all addi products are 20% off MSRP when ordered through the website, and all domestic orders get free shipping with no minimum purchase; all international orders over $100US also ship free.