Fleece Artist Zambezi – 10/8/13

Imagine a cloud of gossamer silk and kid mohair, all softness without an itch anywhere.  This is Zambezi, Fleece Artist’s glowingly beautiful brushed marriage of these two premium fibers.  We’ve just received a large shipment, each skein sparkling with color … Read more →

Hand Maiden Maiden Hair – 5/3/13

Shimmering, textural wonders in 27 new and returning colorways!  Maiden Hair is an incredibly sensual yarn invention: there is almost no sense that it doesn’t in some way touch.  Obviously, all those curls and squiggles of yarn fully engage your … Read more →

Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit – 4/3/12

A dozen beautiful yarn-bunnies just hopped into our shop – soft and warm and radiantly colored.  This lightweight, cuddly yarn is just the thing to take the chill off in the most delicious way possible.  Peter Rabbit awaits you here.