Hand Maiden Marrakesh – 8/21/14

We have 10 newly arrived colorways of Marrakesh, Hand Maiden’s impeccable lace weight Camelspin sibling.  And, isn’t it marvelous what silk and baby camel can do together?  The warm light that glows from within these fibers simply entices and captivates … Read more →

Hand Maiden Camelspin – 8/8/14

We found 4 colorways of Camelspin tucked into the corner of a large shipment.  Talk about finding buried treasure!  Finding these skeins was like finding sparkling gems – each beautiful and singular.  Camelspin is one of the most luxurious yarns … Read more →

Hand Maiden Camelspin – 4/23/14

Some very sublime Camelspin just came through our door, 15 colorways to be exact.  These include the 2014 colors and some returning old friends.  Camelspin’s golden inner glow adds a softly luminous dimension to all the colors, and its drape … Read more →

Hand Maiden Marrakesh – 3/18/14

A dozen colorways of Marrakesh have arrived, refreshing our sense of beauty as they delight our eyes.  Their lace weight combination of camel and silk drapes softly and luxuriously, as their colors glow warmly from within.  And, Marrakesh is on … Read more →

Hand Maiden Marrakesh – 1/22/14

No soon had Camelspin come through our door than Hand Maiden’s Marrakesh followed on its heels.  Marrakesh is the lace weight sibling of fingering weight Camelspin.  It bears identical fiber content (70% Silk, 30% Baby Camel) and color that is … Read more →