Hand Maiden Smitten – 8/5/14

We continue our love affair with Smitten!  Eight colorways arrived at our door last week and bowled us over once again – they are just so beautiful to look at and so luscious to feel!  This cushy, sparkly Merino/Silk DK … Read more →

Hand Maiden Casbah – 8/4/14

What could be more fun that a new shipment of 18 colorways of Casbah? [Pause for a moment of reflection.]  Oh.  Of course.  “Having it in your hands so you can create with it!”  Truer words were never said.  Come … Read more →

Hand Maiden Smitten – 5/22/14

The boat finally docked in Halifax, and we have received the rest of our initial order of Smitten!  This brings 14 more colorways to our offerings and an exponential amount more deliciousness to play with.  Those of you who just … Read more →

Fleece Artist Kidazzle – 5/13/14

We have 11 new and returning colorways of Fleece Artist’s Merino- and Kid-laden sock yarn, Kidazzle!  If you like deep, rich color and outstanding stitch definition, then Kidazzle is for you.  We’re happy to say that our supply is once … Read more →

Fleece Artist Overberg – 5/7/14

Thinking about lace? Fleece Artist Overberg steps up to the plate to make it happen for you in every wonderful way possible.  Its finely spun 100% Merino wool gives you beauty, softness and strength to make your lace creations truly … Read more →

Hand Maiden Casbah – 4/14/14

We have another 10 colorways of Hand Maiden’s Casbah, the ultimate in sock and lace yarn!  All the 2014 colorways are here, strutting their stuff as they vie for your attention and hope to find themselves reinvented as your next … Read more →

Fleece Artist Tosca – 4/1/14

If you are looking for some real fun, Tosca is calling your name.  Its chunky thick ‘n’ thin twisty Merino spirals are sheer delight to work with and joyously warm and cozy to wear.   We have 10 newly arrived colorways … Read more →