Shipping Policies


Domestic Shipping:

FREE SHIPPING inside US, APO, FPO, Protectorates for all yarn, needles, hooks, and accessories with no minimum purchase.

International Shipping:

FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $100US or more; orders below $100US pay actual shipping (including insurance where available) for all yarn, needles, hooks, and accessories.


  • All orders are shipped via USPS only; we do not use any other methods. Please be sure to give us an accurate postal mailing address.
  • Our ability to offer free shipping is based on our ability to ship efficiently. We will combine orders for shipment when you submit more than one in a single processing day unless instructed otherwise.
  • If you have backordered items that we expect to receive in 3-4 weeks and you have chosen free shipping, we will hold your order until it is complete. If you prefer us to ship a partial order, you may pay to ship that package. All international orders will be held until all items are available, regardless of wait time.
  • Backordered items ship via First Class Mail.
  • If you are paying for expedited shipping (Priority or Express), and would like your order to go out the same day it is placed, you’ll need to e-mail us at to let us know.  All other expedited packages, and packages that ship for free, will go out the following day.
  • If your order ships and is returned to us because you provided an incorrect shipping address, you will be responsible for the cost of re-shipping to the correct address.
  • If your package is returned to us marked “unclaimed” by your post office, you will be responsible for the cost of re-shipping. If you prefer a refund, if less than 30 days has passed since your order, we will refund you for the original cost less the cost of shipping (if your order shipped for free), or for the full cost of the order (if you paid for shipping). If more than 30 days has passed, we will issue you a store credit for the cost of your original order less the cost of shipping if your item shipped for free. If you paid for shipping, you will receive the full value of your original order in store credit.
  • If a package has been marked delivered by the post office, we consider it to have been delivered, and we cannot be responsible if you have not received it. Your next step will be to contact your local post office.
  • If you would like to add signature confirmation or additional insurance to your package, please contact us and we will be happy to help.
  • If you have an unsecured mail box, you may wish to have your package delivered to an alternate address.
  • Please also note that your country may apply customs and/or delivery fees. These fees vary from country to country and Twitchy Hands Creative, Inc. is not responsible for them.
  • We cannot mark packages shipped to the purchaser as “gift” or include inaccurate value declarations, as this is illegal.
  • Due to USPS regulations, the maximum value of packages being shipped internationally is $400. If your order has a total value more than $400, we will break your order up into smaller packages.
There are some countries which have more difficulty than most reliably delivering our packages. We are unable to guarantee the delivery of packages shipped to the following list of countries, but will still ship to them. Please note that the purchaser assumes the full risk of orders shipping to the listed countries. We reserve the right to add to or subtract from this list at any time and without notice should our experience warrant.
All Central America Italy India
Malaysia/Indonesia China Mexico
Greece Monaco Russia
Spain Brazil Chile
Thailand Taiwan Venezuela
Most African Countries We do guarantee to South Africa

If a package is lost in the mail:

  • Thankfully, this happens only rarely. However, should it happen, please be aware that for domestic shipments, we will need to wait for one week after the last recorded entry in the USPS Tracking History (visit to check the history) before re-shipping or refunding your order.
  • For international shipments, regardless of the shipping method chosen, we will need to wait a minimum of 45 days after the last recorded entry in the USPS Tracking History (visit to check history) before re-shipping or refunding your order. If your country appears on the list above, we will do everything we can to track down your missing package, but we cannot guarantee a refund or replacement.
If you have questions or encounter difficulties, please contact us