Hand Maiden Maiden Hair – 5/3/13

Hand Maiden Maiden Hair


Shimmering, textural wonders in 27 new and returning colorways!  Maiden Hair is an incredibly sensual yarn invention: there is almost no sense that it doesn’t in some way touch.  Obviously, all those curls and squiggles of yarn fully engage your tactile senses; then there’s the visual titillation of shimmering silk surrounded by a soft halo of comforting kid mohair.  Taste?  You’d think that taste would be left behind, but I have to say that every time I gaze at some Maiden Hair, my mouth starts to water as though I were looking with an empty stomach at a 5-star meal.  And then there’s smell, also something I would have expected Maiden Hair to leave unaffected, but no! The way it takes color is so filled with life, that even though there’s no particular aroma involved, in my mind I’m smelling the damp, shady woods when I look at Fiddlehead, or catching whiffs of cinnamon toast when I see Brown Sugar.  Finally, there’s balance, something very hard to maintain when deciding which one of these beauties to take home with you, here.