Join us on Ravelry for our Spring into Summer CAL! SAVE 10% on Select Yarns Now thru June 30!

Spring into Summer CAL

Spring into Summer CAL

It’s time to stretch out a bit and consider what the changing seasons are bringing as the days get longer and the temperatures warm (or, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you can consider what they will bring half a year hence).  We find this time of year a bit intoxicating and have noticed that our focus on fiber definitely shifts from ‘warm and cozy’ to ‘light and lovely.’

With this in mind, we invite you to craft along with us on Ravelry as we move toward sunnier times here in the North (and hold that fact as a promise to our friends south of the equator). Cast-on will be on May 15, and the CAL will continue until midnight June 30.  Our focus will be a fiber frolic toward warmer weather.

To add to the happiness, we have selected yarns that excel when the days warm yet nights remain chilly, and we have put them on sale for the duration of our Spring into Summer CAL.  Just type ‘Spring’ into the Sale Code box on your shopping cart, click ‘Recalculate’ and enjoy a 10% discount on the following yarns (and yes, the code also works in the Clearance Corner when applied to Clearance skeins of these same yarns!).

Fleece Artist Yarns

Woolie Silk 3-ply

Hand Maiden Yarns

Double Sea
Lace Silk
Mini Maiden
Sea Three
Silk Maiden
Silk Twist
Swiss Silk