Hand Maiden Great Big Sea – Not Discontinued at Colorsong! – 7/15/14

Hand Maiden Great Big Sea


We have double-good news to share!  Not only have we received 22 (!!!) colorways of Great Big Sea, but we have been spared from having to announce that it has been discontinued by the mill.  Here’s the story:  The mill did tell Hand Maiden that they would be spinning no more of it, and Hand Maiden told us.  We shed a few tears because Great Big Sea is a wonderful yarn that we would have missed mightily.  However, just as we were readying GBS for the Clearance section, Hand Maiden contacted us to let us know that they had received a surprise shipment of the last Great Big Sea the mill still possessed.  After dancing around and singing, we bought every single skein, to be delivered throughout the coming year!!  Our first delivery has arrived, and it offers an abundance of yarn and colors for sweaters, scarves, vests and more.  Great Big Sea is 50% silk, 30% wool, and 20% Seacell® as a 3-ply DK.  It is one of the most pleasurable yarns to work with, gliding through your fingers like, well, just like Great Big Sea, here.