Fleece Artist Northern Nights Blanket Kit – Project “Make-Over!” – 8/19/14

Fleece Artist Northern Nights Blanket Kits


We’ve had these kits for a while and have always found them opulent and in all ways wonderful: not only is the blanket fun knitting with a great result, but if you’re feeling like your yarn room isn’t quite full enough, a single kit will give you an instant stash-boost.  Just kidding (or, maybe not).  Anyway, we love them every time we walk past them, but hadn’t really noticed how very, uh, old their photos were.  Oops! How was it that we missed updating these photos?? And for such gorgeous yarn bundles, too???

Happily, Keri gathered them all up, gave them a little coaching on make-up and hair style, and reshot each and every photo.  The results speak for themselves and really convey how inviting and cozy the Northern Nights Blanket is in terms of fiber, knitting and bundling on a cold night.  So please stop by and take a look.  We think you’ll find them as irresistable as we do (and a bargain, too, as the price is lower than the total price of the individual skeins of yarn!!!), here.