Hand Maiden Lino – 8/15/14

We know from all your emails and phone calls that many of you have been eagerly awaiting our next shipment of Hand Maiden’s Lino.  You need wait no more, it is here!  We have received 15 colorways of this superlative … Read more →

Hand Maiden Camelspin – 8/8/14

We found 4 colorways of Camelspin tucked into the corner of a large shipment.  Talk about finding buried treasure!  Finding these skeins was like finding sparkling gems – each beautiful and singular.  Camelspin is one of the most luxurious yarns … Read more →

Hand Maiden Smitten – 8/5/14

We continue our love affair with Smitten!  Eight colorways arrived at our door last week and bowled us over once again – they are just so beautiful to look at and so luscious to feel!  This cushy, sparkly Merino/Silk DK … Read more →

Hand Maiden Casbah – 8/4/14

What could be more fun that a new shipment of 18 colorways of Casbah? [Pause for a moment of reflection.]  Oh.  Of course.  “Having it in your hands so you can create with it!”  Truer words were never said.  Come … Read more →

Hand Maiden Sea Three – 7/28/14

After we received our most recent shipment of Sea Three, Keri noticed that most of the photos dated back to the very earliest days of our new photography system and that they fell short of our current technique and standards.  … Read more →

Hand Maiden Rumple – 7/25/14

We just received 11 newly arrived colorways of Hand Maiden’s Rumple, their fingering weight 100% silk micro-bouclé.  Included are all the 2014 colorways, each of them heart-stoppingly wonderful.  If you’re new to Rumple, take advantage of the free Bias Shawl … Read more →