Hand Maiden Double Sea – 4/1/14

We just received 11 colorways of Hand Maiden Double Sea, including the new 2014 colors!  Stop by and see these new color inventions and how beautifully they grace this DK Silk/Seacell® confection, here.

Hand Maiden Sea Silk – 1/14/13

What with all the celebrating we’ve been doing (first, the holidays of December; now, the 2014 Ravellenics), we’re a wee bit behind in letting you know about a new shipment of Sea Silk.  If you haven’t checked the page recently, … Read more →

Fleece Artist Sea Wool – 8/9/13

Summer in a yarn?  It’s yours for the asking with this new shipment of Sea Wool!  Whether you want to make shimmering socks or dazzling lace, Sea Wool offers up fabric you’ll love for years to come.  Soft, caressing, beautiful … Read more →