Fleece Artist Island Embrace Blanket Kit


Mouse over each swatch to see the full skein.
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Each Island Embrace Kit contains:

Curly Locks:
78% Kid, 13% Wool, 9% Nylon; 250g/8.8oz

 96% Merino, 4% Nylon; 400g/14oz

Slubby Blue or Slubby Mix: 
100% BFL or 50% BFL/50% Merino; 250g/8.8oz

Finished Size:
approx. 60"x40"

Download the FREE pattern from www.catbordhi.com here.

Suggested needle size:
12mm /US 17

Need Needles? We have the complete line of addi and kollage square needles.

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Can’t find the colors you’re seeking? You can create your own Island Embrace Blanket kit by following this recipe: Mix together per Cat’s instructions and knit with a smile!
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This blanket has quite the history!  Cat Bordhi designed a beautiful blanket to comfort a member of her island’s knitting community. Three uniquely textured yarns are alternated in garter stitch to create a simple yet divine masterpiece. It’s evolved over the years, but it’s still packed with all the goodness that Cat’s design and Fleece Artist’s color and fibers can bring. Just add your own love and knitting!